Friday, September 11, 2009

It was only a year ago......

Discover Point church is celebrating year number 4 this weekend. Not that we had anything to do with it but it has been an awesome four years. I always get accused of thinking too far in advanced so with this blog I would like to look back and thank God for everything that he has done at DPC and in my life over the last year.

Last year at this time we met at Peachtree academy. Me and David were getting ready a funny video of Philip first sermon ever (which is still very funny). We had plans to be in a permanent location but had no idea where. David and Laurah Hensley were our every week production team. Staff member Brien Duke was not married. We have seen several people come to know Christ. We had half the number of people we have today. We had Baptized a lot less people. . We did not have Propresenter or a mac (sorry had to throw that one in). We have met so many new people. We had not yet met Trista and Jeremy. Our kids program has come a long way. Some of you have had surgeries. Some of you have gotten married some have had new editions. Me and Philip used to have to climb on the roof of PTA every week to make sure it was dark in the gym where we met. Our band has added new members. Java Point opened. We have had our first Kids Jamm! Of course we moved into the Parker Road location. Are we satisfied??? Heck no? Will next year be better? That's out of our hands but we are planning a huge year! I hope you all get the chance to see what's next at DP.

What is your favorite moment from DPC over the last year?
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