Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Production Blog: People want to be a part of something big

Above is a video of the black eyed peas performance of "I gotta feeling" at Oprah's 24th season kick off party. This is awesome, this gets me excited and this proof that people want to be apart of something big.

My wife showed me this video this past weekend and I loved it. How awesome is it that 21,000 or so came together and did one massive dance. How much fun would it have been to take part in it? How much fun would it have been just to watch it from the towers above the Chicago street.

I found out by searching the blogs that Carlos Whitaker of Ragga Muffin soul also did a short but powerful post about this video.

I have done some pretty intense research about advertising the past few weeks. One of the biggest things that I have found is that people want to be apart of something BIG! Which is one of the points of Carlos' blog post.

God is the biggest, greatest most awesome thing ever. The story of Jesus is the most exciting thing ever. How can we the church tell HIS story in a way that makes people of our Facebook, iphone, in debt, and hurting society want to follow HIM and dance like this for HIM.

What is the big thing we are missing? Should we completely change the way we do church? Do you have to sing every Sunday? I didn't not say worship I said sing. Could you portray the story without talking at people? I am not saying we SHOULD do any of these but what if we, the church, did? What would change? What if we laid aside our excuses as to why we shouldn't change things and just did it? What if you laid aside your excuses and DID the impossible plan God has laid in your heart? What if?
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