Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday Look Back 9-20-09

  • We had lots of rain this week I am looking so forwarded to seeing the sun again.
  • It was however bright on the inside on Sunday morning.
  • Band was great as always. Thanks again to Chandler for filling in at drums!
  • Joy gets better every week on the computer. I am really excited to see her grow.
  • Videos this week were funny. I have posted the one from igniter media below.
  • Philip spoke on a hard subject. All of the subjects in this series are hard. He did a great job!
  • Baptism was short but it got the job done. The rain held up just long enough for us to baptize the 8-9 candidates.
  • Next week we are talking about improving your finances. We know people hate to talk about finances, so we have added some stuff to the service to really lighten the mood and make this Sunday one of the funniest most informational Sundays we have ever had!!!!
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