Monday, September 29, 2008

A little about my church

I thought I might give you a little insight on Discover Point (My Church). We are located just east of Atlanta in Conyers, Ga. We run about 70-100 at the weekend services. Our mission statement is "To be relevant as we lead our generation to Christ". I know that the word "relevant" get tossed around a lot but we really work hard at being relevant without watering down the message of Christ. Our music is upbeat and modern, our messages are down to earth and our people are friendly and down to earth as well. We have a lot of fun while we peruse our mission of leading people down a journey towards God. We want to be fresh with our art and our music. We want to show people just how exciting a relationship with Christ can be!

Our staff is made up of 5 guys. We are all bi-vocational. The lead pastor owns an advertising business. The lead worship pastor is a hotel manger, the other works for Georgia power. Our Admin pastor the director of the math department for a local high school (its cooler than it sounds) and I am an IT director for an industrial shelving company.

Needless to say we are busy but we are all passionate and we all know the mission. If you think about, in you prayers, remember to pray for the growing church in Conyers Georgia. We would appreciate it!
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Jenni said...

passing through and wanted to comment, sounds great. I am here on the west coast and attend a church of about 200 people. It sounds like you have the dedicationa and motivation to help build a great church. Be blessed! Check out my blog if you would like too. Thanks for sharing, Jenni