Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When the inspiration doesn't come

What in the world do you do? I have been blessed to have been inspired by things more often then not. I am working on a graphic project for the church right now and I have no idea what direction I want to take it. How do you find inspiration when its not there?
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You have probabally seen this before but....

I love this video I get a little inspired every time I watch it
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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Own Worst Enemy

For those of you that don't know I have 4 children a 7 year old, 5 Year old and a set of 2.5 year old twins. When my daughter (the 5 year old and only girl) was younger my wife would write in her blog funny Ryan Stories because my daughter would do the the craziest things. She had a tendency to get up in the middle of the night and get into everything. She was sooo sneaky and mischievous and she did it so often my wife would have a new story every few days. Don't get me wrong she is a tender heart and a daddy's girl and I loved her then just as much as I do now that she is over the whole crazy phase. Maybe one day I will find my wife's old blog post and post them here. Flash forward a few years and a pair of twins. Connor the oldest of the twins seems set to dethrone his sister as the craziest child in our house. This past Monday Ryan (My Daughter) came into my room at 4:30 AM (After I had gone to bed around 1am) and informed me that Connor had got out of bed and spilt some sugar. No big deal I thought I will grab him and put him in bed with me and clean the mess up in the morning, NOt that simple. When I walked out into the kitchen I saw possibly the biggest mess I had ever seen in my house ever! Connor had pulled a chair over to the pantry and opened a full bag of flour and dumped it on the floor, along with kool-aid packets, noodles and pretty much anything he could get his 2year old hands on and open without a can opener. He also got in the fridge and drank milk out of the carton, put the sour cream container into butter container and the list goes on and on. Now I know what you are thinking why don't we have protective devises in place to stop him. Well we do. You see Connor is the Macgiever of 2 year olds. No matter what you put in front of him he will find a way through it. At less than 1 years old he was climbing out of his crib. The problem is (Hince the title of this post) he is just like the charatcer on the new NBC show my own worst enemy. He is the sweetest kids ever. He loves to snuggle and sit in your lap and he plays so well with his brothers and sisters. It's like he is two diffrent toddlers sometimes. After I called Sandra (She works 2 nights a week as an ICU nurse) to make sure Connor had not eaten anything that would hurt him I realized that I had to clean up the mess. I scrambled for a camera but in a house full of technology I could not find one piece of equipment that had a charged battery even my cell phone was not working.
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Things I learned from vacation

1. No matter how much food you eat on a cruise ship they will never run out.

2. There is sooooo much inspiration out there in the beautiful Caribbean Cultures

3. I can spend 7 days with my lead pastor Philip and not get sick of him

4. My wife can spend 7 days with me and not get sick of me.

5.When you get off of the boat you still feel like you are moving for at least 24 hours

6. That a Sunday service runs just fine without me or Philip

All in all we had a great trip. It was busy and yet relaxing at the same time so I came back refreshed and ready to work. I uploaded a few pics below so you can see how much fun we had!

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