Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday

Top 10 Tuesday
Today I give those of you who care a chance to get to know me better by making another list of my favorite things. Today's list podcast.

1. Church Media Design(video)- Great Podcast from an awesome guy who just wants to see guys like me get better so we can reach more people.

2. ESPN Fantasy Focus (audio)- I love Fantasy Sports this is the best fantasy sports show on the web.

3. The Collide Show(video)- great Podcast from the guys who put out one of the best magazines in the biz

4. Church Tech Talk- Funny guys talking Church Tech

5. Penndant Audio Productions (audio)- Audio Dramas about some of the coolest characters in history Batman, Superman, Luke Skywalker ect

6.Mugglecast (audio)- Best Harry Potter Podcast on the web

7. G4's The Daily Feed Podcast (video)- All the pop culture news you need to know

8. Web Alert (video)- All the Daily Tech news you need to know

9. Starkville house of El (audio)- Great Smallville podcast

10. The 10th wonder podcast (audio)- Heroes Television show Podcast

I will provide links to all these later so check back or google them your self
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