Monday, October 5, 2009

Sunday Look Back 10-4-09

This Sunday was an awesome Sunday at DP!
  • I love our band! What an awesome group of talented guys who love God.
  • Did anyone else get blinded by the huge shiny spot on Philip's shirt??
  • I ran lights this Sunday. It is always fun for me to man a position in the booth and let the other volunteers run their positions.
  • Could you imagine a service without the production team. No lights, no video. It would be weird wouldn't it.
  • I am really encouraged by the team I have in the booth every Sunday. They are always willing to learn something new.
  • If I have never said this in this blog. I am really proud of Rusty Lehman. Who has not only learned the lights from scratch but he also quit smoking cold turkey. I have no idea how hard that is but I can imagine.
  • Matt you will be fine next week.
  • If anyone is interested in helping people come to Christ through the visual and audio elements of the service I am looking for volunteers in the production booth. NO EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED. You just need to be willing to learn something new.
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