Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Thoughts 5-18-09

I wrote on Facebook and twitter yesterday that "God works even when things don't go to plan" and I really believe that. From a production stand point yesterday's service was a hot mess. I can take one little thing but yesterday was a comedy of errors.

1. I produced and showed a video with horrible Audio.
2. We were late getting service slides up because or unusual circumstances
3. The Mike did not fit Jeff's head right so we had issues with feedback because we were trying to keep the gain up so we could hear him.
4. My computer tech slipped and accidentally played a techno song in the middle of decision time
5. With everything that went wrong on my end the Band did fine. They introduced a new song "You are the Light" by Steve Fee.
6. Jeff communicated well in Philip absence.
7. We introduced "One Prayer" Coming soon
8. The lighting was good, I introduced my lighting guy to a new technique this week and he ran with it.
9. Again God does amazing things even when we think everything that could go wrong did.
10. We had a lot of new interest in "Play Groups". Getting people connected is Awesome
11. Pray that Philip and everyone else traveling this weekend has a safe trip home has a safe trip home.
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