Sunday, May 24, 2009

Monday Thoughts 5-24-09

This a weekly look back on the Sunday Service from Discover Point Church in Conyers Ga, from a production standpoint.

1. Technically simple but technically clean service.
2. Lots of regulars missing but we had tons of visitors, it was a great crowd for Memorial Day weekend.
3. We had 2 Acoustic guitars and 1 vocal, I really like acoustic sets but 2 in a row is too much for me I will be happy to have a full band back net week.
4. Philip did a great job as usual, talking about money is always hard and doing it for multiple weeks is even harder.
5. One Prayer was teased again and I got a few more questions about it.
6. Huge announcement next week. There is about to be a major change to one of the Ministries of DPC.
7. Play Groups is one of the best ideas God has ever given us. I am so excited.
8.Angela (Philips's wife) is like 80 weeks pregnant and will have the baby this week one way or the other. I wish for her sake the baby would hurry up!
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