Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Logo

So the news is Discover Point is moving into a new permanent location! After 3 years of set up and take down we can finally exhale on Sunday mornings and put our energy towards other things. I am so grateful to God that he let us go through the last 3 years of set up and take down it has made me understand how hard planting a church is. It's funny to look back now and see how far God has taken Discover Point in the last 3 years as well as in my own life. Each of the staff members have seen ups and downs just like Discover Point. We have not brought in huge numbers but the few that have come have seen life change. We have managed to be financially stable with a smaller crowd in these times when our country is in financial crisis. Up until this point it has been hard to see what was over the next hill but now looking back we can see that God has brought us through a lot to prepare us for what is to come. We are preparing our members now for the great things. God has given us a clear vision and time to prepare for what's to come.

The new logo represents that path we walked and will continue to walk on this amazing journey. I hated the old logo but looking back it was perfect. A new horizon for a new church. Now that we are moving it is time to stop thinking like a church plant and start being a church. I am so excited about the things God is going to at Discover Point over the next 3 years not only in the many lives we expect to see touched but also in my own life. I am so excited about the things I get to do with a permanent location. I am even excited about running wire to get ready to move in! You will here much more about the new building location and I will try to keep updates on progress and how we are coming along.
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