Sunday, November 16, 2008

My own worst enemy #2

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Ok so its about 4:30 on Sunday morning and of course I hear something in the kitchen and of course it is Connor and Brady. They have opened a bag of Doritos and scattered them all across the kitchen floor and opened several other smaller bags. I sent them into my Bedroom to get in bed with Sandra so I could clean up the mess. I walked into the kitchen and was over come by the horrible smell. I looked down and saw the fattest pooh my 2 year old has ever had smeared across the kitchen floor. Now we are potty training Connor (Brady wants nothing to do with it) and he has been doing really good. The problem is he only wants to use one potty and that potty locks when shut. Last night the potty was locked and instead of just pooping in his pull up he decided that it would be better to pooh on the floor and then Brady and him played in it like it was a Play-Doh. What the crap So Sandra gave them both bathes (remember it's 4:30 in the morning) and I took bathroom cleaner to the kitchen floor in hopes of removing the horrible smell. After that Connor snuggled with me the remaining 1 and 1/2 hoursI got to sleep (after his both of course). Needless to say I strugged staying awake through the sermon despite the 32oz Mt Dew Brien Duke bought me. Sorry Philip
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Lisa Collinsworth Photography said...

Thanks for giving me and my co-worker a laugh while we're at work!!! Hahahahahahaha....that is so stinkin' hilarious (no pun intended).

Angela said...

Wow that is too funny! You didn't get a picture of that one? Not that we would really want to see it!