Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Call me butter because it's on my couch

I will try to make this quick! This is another post in the my worst enemy series if you have not read the others click here and here to read them. Now Connor is not my worst enemy just has dual personalities like Christian Slater on my "Own Worst Enemy". Connor and Brady are my 3 year old twins who I love very much but Connor is a little McGyver. Well again I woke up int he middle of the night and the twins were up watching sports center on TV (because that is the channel I had it on when I turned it off to go to bed). I walked in to the kitchen and it was relatively clean in comparison to other nights of late night snacking by the twins. The fridge was open and there were a few bags gum rappers on the floor but nothing major. I really thought I had escaped with only minor damage. That was until I walked into the living room where the twins sat on our new couch watching TV covered in butter. Not only that but there were spoon fulls of butter smeared all over the couch with pieces of bread smashed into it. Bread crumbs covered the floor and the twins had managed to eat like 12 cups of yogurt with only minimal damage (they don't want to waste the yogurt apparently). So of course I clean it up by the time I am through it is almost 6:30 and Garrett and Ryan are waking up so I jump in the shower and get ready for the day. I know there are people who this who think just put the stuff where he can't get it well we do again he can get into things very well. I don't but if it makes you guys laugh then maybe its worth it well until he gets in to something worse then butter. 
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