Monday, December 22, 2008

It's about reaching people...

You know I am so excited about the new building God has provided for us. We will have new displays, new media software, new lights and a stage (wow what a concept). We will have time to test and tweak new videos. We will have a practice facility for our band. The kids will have their own theater! There will be so many cool things in this new building that will be so incredible. God has truly blessed us with an awesome facility. With all of this new stuff we have to remember that the whole purpose of this building is to help us reach people for Christ. All of the stuff we do is cool but it is meaningless if we are not reaching people and helping them grow in their relationship with Christ. My dedication over the next year is to focus my work on just that reaching people. Now I still want it to look good but sometimes I find that looking good becomes my focus. I love crazy illustrations in services and I love being different but being crazy cannot be my focus or the churches focus unless we are doing it to reach people or help them grow. I guess what I am trying to say is I am excited but I cannot let my excitement blind my focus.
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