Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tonight is the night

So Tonight we find our whether or not we can use the building we have found as our new church home. Today is a big cluster of nervous anticipation and work which don't mix well together for me. For those you who know me you know that I don't get nervous about much. I'd like to say it is because I know God is in control and that he has given me a peace about things and to some extent it is. Truly though I just have that personality where things just don't get to me and make me nervous (angry is another story all together. This meeting tonight for some reason or another has me worked up. I keep telling my that whatever happens is God's will and that I should just chill out and get my work done today. On the other hand I am excited at all the possibilities this building brings. God has provided us with a group of talented people over the last several months and I am soo excited about the number of people we can reach for Christ and the number of people we can help in our community with this building. On the other hand I am reminded that we can reach people and help our community right where we are at. If tonight the city decides that we can not use the space for our new building then so be it. It just means God has something better for us. Wow it is amazing how therapeutic blogging is. I need to do this more often.
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Lisa Collinsworth Photography said...

Praise God that they said, "YES!!!" I am SOOOOOO excited about the journey God has our church on!!!!