Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Production Blog: I don't want to be that church....

Please note that I write this blog by myself for my opinions. I play a small role in the decisions made at Discover Point Church. Just because I write it in my blog does not mean that it is going to happen or that that the rest of the staff agrees with me. If the rest f the staff does not agree with me then that's okay. I trust the leadership God has in place at my church period. I may not like it but I get it. That said, on with this blog post......

I don't get caught up in numbers too often. I like numbers, I like stats and I like to be able to use them to compare and plan with. I just don't get real excited about numbers or increase in numbers. At DPC we have experienced a lot of growth lately and it has been exciting to see new people come to Christ. We have had a lot of visitors over the past few weeks and that too has been exciting! It would be easy to assume that what we are doing is working. It would be easy to get comfortable and continue down the same path were going because guess what it is working. It would be easy except for one thing WE ARE NOT FINISHED FOLKS!

Our job is not done, we have not arrived and hopefully we will never arrive. We live in a culture of change and if we as a church are not willing to change with the culture then we will cease to be relevant (I hate the word relevant) in our culture. I am not saying be like the culture but we must continue as Tim Stevens says "to leverage the culture". Perry noble really inspired me this morning when he wrote this simple line in his blog. "I don’t want to be the guy who never attempts anything great and plays if safe…". I am going to take it one step further and say I never want to be the church who never attempts something great, who plays it safe. We are only at the tip of the iceberg folks, there are so many opportunities for us to reach our community. We have a few community projects coming up this fall that we really want someone to step up and organize. Our Discover Kids program is booming and will only continue to grow. I hope within the next we can begin a live stream of all of our services every Sunday online. These are just a few things that will take place over the next year. I have a feeling we are going to do some crazy stuff to reach people.
Side Note: If you are already volunteering somewhere thank you, and don't burn yourself out by volunteering for too much. We want new volunteers to step up.

If you think the move last year was big (and it was) then you are going to be blown away this year! There is change in the air. There is a spirit of excitement! There is a revolution coming to east Atlanta you can either jump on board and take part or you can sit on the sidelines and play it safe. I know where I will be.
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