Monday, September 14, 2009

Sunday Look back 9-13-09

I could possibly call this past Sunday the loudest Sunday ever at DP and that is saying something. That said the music was awesome! Our band is amazing! The staff football team has 1 year of bragging rights over the volunteers. All in all it was our best anniversary yet and it is only getting better!

1. Did any one notice the new TV in the corner by the Production booth. It runs announcement slides.

2. We are doing away with announcements at the end of services. So to get your announcement fix you can visit the DP Blog, DP Facebook Page, our Twitter page and the website. Or if you like emailed announcements sign up for the blast.

3. Band was really good

4. Philip Spoke on joining the revolution. Are you ready?

5. Philip and David visited the theater on Sunday morning. I am really thankful for that place and really thankful to be out of it!

6. Staff took the volunteer staff football game 11-5. Bragging rights for 1 year!
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