Thursday, January 29, 2009

Funny how God works

The staff at Discover Point decided a long time ago that we would be bi-vocational. Meaning that we take small salaries (some of us free) and all work second jobs to support our families. Our Lead Pastor owns a advertising business. Admin Pastor is the Director of the Math Department at a local high school. The worship arts pastor is a Hotel manager. The other worship leader is a big wig at Georgia Power. The Volunteer Coordinator is a sales rep for a Styrofoam company and I am the IT guy at a shelving company. The reasons behind the decision were to some degree money but for the most part it had everything to do with reaching people. I can plan and create graphics at night. As we grow I can find more and more volunteers willing and able to do the work. We have staff meetings via Skype at night. I can't develop relationships with people while I am sitting at a desk at church making graphics or videos surrounded by other Christians, at least not like the ones I make at work everyday. Or the young lives Jeff touches at school every day. Now that said will we always be that way, probably not. As the church grows different positions will be needed on a full time scale. What's funny is that as we as a church are about the embark on one of the biggest risk (almost tripling our rent), during one of the worst economics time periods we have not had any issues making ends meet. Does it help that our staff takes very little salary. Yes! I am not saying that all church plants should not pay their staff full time. Your church has to do what God is leading you to do. But isn't it funny that a decision made by our staff to reach people is having such an impact now. We are thriving in a time where other churches are laying staff members off (huge churches). Don't get me wrong I am not thumping my chest. I am not saying God is punishing the churches who are feeling the economic crunch. I'm just saying God is good and by following his direction we are moving into a new building where we can reach even more people.
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