Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Top 10 Tuesday

Okay so I have decided to simplify my life. Well just a little I cut down my Google reader feed list down from 330 feeds to 176 feeds. That may not sound like a lot but it has made a huge difference in my day. I only have to scroll though 400 post a day as opposed to 2000. They add up!
Well that said I am also going to try to schedule out this blog. Please note the word try. Every Tuesday I plan to write a top ten list of my favorite things. So today will be my top ten blogs. These aren't feeds I will cover that next week but these are actual blogs that I read.

1. Leading Smart - Tim Stevens
This guy has a great blog and if you have never read his book "Pop Goes the Church" you need to.

2. Visual Worshiper - Cameron Ware
I only wished this guy posted more but when he does post it is thought provoking. His visual work is amazing.

3. Already been chewed- Barton Damer
The intent is to help you serve up something fresh on Sundays because nobody likes to be fed something that has Already Been Chewed. That says it all

4. Life Hacker
The best general tutorial site on the web period.

5. Talking Chop
My personal favorite Atlanta Braves Blog.

6. Engadget
Of the 4 big tech news websites this is the best.

7. Stuff Christians like- prodicaljohn aka David Caruso
This guy puts a funny yet real spin on things. He's a great read

8.Raggamuffin Soul- Carlos Whittaker
Creative Arts Pastor Coordinator/ Cool guy or whatever his real title is for Buckhead church here in Atlanta. One of my favorite reads.

Worship leader Ledges- David Collinsworth
This is my Worship Arts Pastor. I like to get into the head of musicians. I like to know what they think. That's until I actually know how they think and then I really don't want to know. His thoughts interesting and when he actually makes a post it's fun to read.

10. Church Marketing Sucks
The name says it all!
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I am david. said...

Thanks dude. I appreciate the shout out even if it's you who's giving it!!!