Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Leaders Produce Leaders

My goal in everything I do is to serve God although I fail quite often. One thing that has been eating at me ever since I started this blog series is what is the ultimate goal of my ministry? Of course I want to see people come to Christ and of Course I want to see people grow in that relationship but what is the most important thing I can do through my ministry to reach and grow as many people as possible. I think the answer is to produce new leaders. Look at sports for example. Organizations are shying away from hiring the big name head coaches and General managers (the smart ones are anyways) they are hiring coaches and GMs from within winning organizations. The successful, intelligent leaders within organizations more than often produce others like them. In turn the leaders that come from me can produce more leaders and so on. If we are constantly producing new leaders in the church those leaders can go to new church plants and reach more people and produce new leaders who can go to other new church plants and so on. I hope that through my struggles learning Leadership I can help some one else learn leadership. I think the true sign of a great leader is how many leaders they have produced. As for me I am fairly certain I have not produced any. How about you?
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