Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Top 10 Tuesday

Evey Tuesday I list 10 of my favorite things in a category so can get know me a little better and maybe learn something.

Today I think I am going to do my top 10 Places to eat! Yum! Some of these you will have heard of some of these you may not.

1. Sonny's BBQ (Warner Robins GA Only)- I feel like I grew up at this place. I ate there, I severed tables, I managed there. I have a lot of memories in that place. This is the best Sonny's period.

2. Strip (Atlantic Station Atlanta, Ga) Go for the atmosphere, go for the sushi, go for the good times.

3. Waffle House- This is like an American Staple how could I not include it

4. Jim and Nick's BBQ (Conyers, GA) My second Favorite BBQ Joint

5. Papadoux's Seafood (Atlanta Ga)

6. Panda Express (Anywhere)

7. The Treasure Ship (Panama City Florida) My Parents took me here every summer I have a ton of memories of that place

8. Down Town Grill (Macon Ga) This was Sandra and my special occasion place when we lived in central Georgia.

9. Chick-fil-a (anywhere)

10. Rain Forest Cafe (Orlando Fl)

Did I leave off anywhere?

By the way I changed the last top 10 list because I left off one of the greatest bands of all Time The Dave Matthews Band (Duh Stupid)

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Lisa Collinsworth Photography said...

I'm glad you added Dave Matthews Band to your last list. My top 10 places to eat (and Brad, you forgot CHEDDAR'S!!!!)

1. Carraba's Italian Grill
2. Shakey's Pizza (I miss that place so bad!) in Macon and Warner Robins
3. Alamo Steakhouse in Pigeon Forge, TN (biggest and best steak and baked potato I've ever had!)
4. Bellagio Buffet Las Vegas
5. Cheddar's
6. Joe's Crab Shack
7. Buffalo's (ONLY in Warner Robins!)
8. Strip (best spinach dip EVER!)
9. Mellow Mushroom
10. Olive Garden (Tour of Italy, best salad and breadsticks!)