Monday, March 9, 2009

Learning Leadership Part 3

Okay so I have decided to start some series in this blog.. This series is called learning leadership. I am not a great leader and I am not ashamed to admit it. I am new to being on staff at a church and I am new to the role I play in my church. Most of my life I have been the one to do the work and let others take the credit. I love it that way and I would not have it any other way. I do not like the lime light and I enjoy criticism. I know I am weird. I do however enjoy when my team does a great job and people recognize it. That said being a leader of a team at Discover Point over the past year had taught me a ton lessons. Don't get me wrong I am still learning everyday but I thought I might share what I am learning.

3. Staying Positive goes along way
I was planning on blogging today about how leaders should stay humble but because of circumstances today and over the weekend today's topic made a lot more sense.
I am an I.T guy by trade. Today our main servers mother board went out. We had to send people home because without that server we can't run our plant (which is a problem in and of itself). We do not have a good back up because of money and corporate restrictions. Last I checked on Friday the server was fine and running smoothly so I left for the weekend thinking things were fine. I got call at 6am this morning telling me of the situation. So I got up out of bed and rushed to the plant. I worked all morning to get it back up and finally called our service company to order the parts I needed. Well the parts were no where in Atlanta so we had to order them out of Texas (They will be arriving tomorrow at 9am thank God). I know most of you guys understand business. So you must understand for a plant our size to be shut down for a whole day is a huge deal. Who does everyone blame when stuff like this happens, the IT guy. Is it my fault? Sure in some ways. Other ways not so much. Does it really matter who fault is was? The thing needed to get fixed and some one needed do it and not point fingers. Some one needed to stay positive even though the situation was grime. Was that me? No! I was visible stressed and anxious all day. I don't think I was ever negative but I was for sure not a calming presence. Instead my plant manger and Vice President remained calm and cool handled every problem that came their way, advised me and pushed me through he day and to them I am thankful.

another Example
On Sunday we announced some changes coming to Discover Point. These changes will effect our volunteer structure and will really shake up some things for the better at the church. It will however decrease some of the current volunteers roles. I was not sure how some people were going to take the news. Philip told the whole church during the service and was absolutely brilliant in doing so. He stayed positive and that went a long way towards easing the minds of some of our current volunteers.

Lesson learned stay positive.
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