Thursday, August 6, 2009

Production Blog: Be Prepared

Anything can happen at any given moment in any given service. Volunteers can call out, equipment can go down and you can get sick. I have learned that I needed something new every week since moving into our new complex. This week I ask David (worship arts pastor extraordinaire) to start bringing an extra set  of tab sheets for the Computer tech. I know this seems like something small but it can make a huge difference. Next week I am going to start walking a different volunteers through my morning routine of turning on equipment and I will do the same for closing down the equipment. I go over each Song like 6 times before I declare it good for Sunday. I make the computer techs read through the Sermon for spelling errors even though ProPresenter has spell check. The biggest issue I have as far as my backup plan goes is there is no back up equipment and there is no money to buy back up equipment. So outside of a projector and 2 LED Par cans I have no backup equipment and I know this is an issue for a lot of churches. That issue is truly out of my hands, so it is extra important that my team and I are prepared in the areas that we can control. There is no more nauseating feeling than when you ruin a powerful moment in the service because you weren't prepared. God called us to do all things to the best of our ability I believe that includes the things we do in the production both on Sunday mornings. Be Prepared

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