Saturday, August 15, 2009

Social Media and the Church: Google reader Sharing

I want to know what your reading! I love to read ideas, thoughts and random blurbs for a wide range of people. Just as fun for me to know is what your reading and what you think is cool, creative and exciting. We get great ideas by sharing thoughts and ideas with other s and letting them add to the ideas. It just like a creative meeting except with 1000's of people online. Google reader has added a great new feature that allows us to share the blogs we think are worth sharing as well as comment on them with your thoughts. I read a ton of blogs and so do a lot of you. I don't always read the blogs your read but I want to know about the ones you think are cool, creative, smart or just funny. It's all about growing the kingdom! All you have to do is:

Sign up for Google reader

Add some feeds to your reader

Under each feed is button to share

Find a post you think is worth sharing and click the share button under it

Find other people like you or even people different from you and read their shared items

Have fun being creative with 1000's of people

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