Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday:

This is the first top ten Tuesday I have posted on Tuesday in a while. I think I am finally catching up.
Today is my 8th anniversary of being married to my wife so I thought I would write 10 reasons I love my wife. These are no order.
1. She challenges me. I spend a lot of time challenging the way people think about things. I spend a lot of time asking the question why. My wife is the one who challenges me. She does not let me become satisfied.
2. She has never ever ever lied to me. EVER
3. She took the time to get to know me. Not just the BS front I put on sometimes but the real me. 
4. After getting to know me she stayed with me and that is even scarier.

5. Because she is the best mom to our kids. I know she doesn't feel like she is but there is no one better to raise my offspring.
6. Because she loves God. 
7. Because she forgives me even though I can be a truly stupid man sometimes
8. Because she has made me a better human being.
9. Because she puts up with my hobbies.
10. Because she is on my side no matter what.
There so many other things I love about my wife. I failed to mention that she is beautiful and smart, and so many other things. I got the better end of the deal for sure. I am looking forward to our future no matter where it takes us.
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