Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunday Look Back 8-16-09

This is my look back on the Sunday morning that was at DPC.
  • In case you haven't noticed the room is filling up!
  • We have always included a lot of media in our services. The media is just more refined now than it was even a few months ago.
  • Our band is great and they get better all the time. These guys adapt to little changes better than anyone I know.
  • Excited that my Production teams are starting to really come together.

  • No one in the booth is a professional but everyone gives 100% every week!
  • Are you ready to give God 100%
  • It's okay to have "things and to do "things" it's when those things become your life that you have a problem.
  • Thanks to everyone who filled out the Life Groups surveys. We got lots of good feed back.
  • Kids Jamm was so much fun again this week. There is something about watching kids learn that amazes me.
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