Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Production Blog- Excellence

I believe that God calls us to be excellent in all we do. I don't think that means perfect just excellent. The other day a friend of mine ask me why I would not create videos with the current video camera we have (which is old and SD) and show them in church. He went as far as (in jest) telling me I was sinning for not showing the low quality video because it could help some one come to Christ. On the other hand it could turn someone off. We spend our week watching HD TVs (well not me) listening to ipods and looking at high quality websites. Why should we think that we as a church can be outdated and still appeal to people who spend their life in High Definition? I am all for integrating Pop Culture into services. Not for entertainment but to help bridge the gap between what non believers know and what I have learned. What I am not for is integrating video that sucks! If you are going to show videos in your church, if you are going to playing secular music, if you are going to integrate pop culture into your services in any way do it with excellence.

I know money plays a factor. This is where you have to be creative. You
also have to learn to say no. If something is planned but it looks or sound horrible, Scrap it, don't do it and walk away. We have been wanting to add a drama element to our services for a long time but we do not have the people, tools or time to do it right. Until God provides those things we will not have a drama element in our services even though I know we want one really bad. Same thing with video I really want to start doing more and more video (I do a lot now with motion graphics now but not footage) but I won't until I have better technology (that is not cry for help). I just simply do not want to put a product out there that is half done.

What are your
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