Monday, August 24, 2009

Sunday Look back 8-23-09

Yesterday was a truly amazing Sunday at Discover Point. We saw 18 children come to know Christ and that never gets old!
  1. We opened the service with a guitar solo by the incredible Greg King!
  2. Followed that up with Happy Day (One of my favorites)
  3. Amazing Grace my chains are gone may have been the most powerful song we have ever done at DP.
  4. James Green made an incredible video to honor our volunteers. Thanks Agian James!
  5. The kids were nervous I think but they were cute
  6. Philip spoke on why to serve.
  7. Kids Jamm was incredible as again we saw 18 kids come to know the Lord!
  8. Hope to see you all next week as we begin Retro the 1980's. This may be the funniest series from a production stand point we have ever done!
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