Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Top Ten Tuesday- My Tutorial Sites

Every Tuesday I try to put a list out of top ten things that I use, know of or do. Today's top 10 list is the top ten tutorial sites I use.

Gray Machine- I use Gray Machine for it After Effect Tuorials but that have some other stuff on there as well. Like Cinema 4D.

Tutorial 9- One of my favorite Photoshop Tutorial Sites

Max After- After Effects tutorials that you have seen in Projects at DPC

Make Use of- A all around how to do whatever blog. Just read it for a few days you will learn soemthing.

Creative Cow- Tutorials on Everything from Final Cut to After Effects for some of the best teachers out there.

CMD TV- Brad Zimmerman's Church Media Design Podcast is one of my favorite Podcast I watch it every week.

PS Tuts- The Best Photoshop tutorial site

Own the Mix- Audio lessons from some of the coolest teachers around. Want to be a better sound technician? Check out this site.

AE Tuts- Great After Effects Tutorials

Video Copilot - Simply my favorite After Effects tutorils. Andrew Kramer is pretty funny too.

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