Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunday Look back 8-9-09

Sunday was a great day at Discover Point Church! We are always happy to see new faces in the crowd and man there were a lot of new faces this week. Thanks to everyone who came! A special thanks to everyone who helped out at Kids Jamm yesterday it was awesome!

  1. I loved Standby doing a little music before the service! We need to do that more often.
  2. Killer Music this week! I love our band.
  3. We will play "Scenes" by Charlie Hall again next week. Take a minute and read the lyrics. There is a reason we sang this every week of the series.
  4. We are hopefully getting the robotic lights fixed this week! That excites me!
  5. Joe, Rusty, and Matt did a great job.
  6. Philip spoke on iThings. What are the things in your life keeping you from a better relationship with God?
  7. Cole and Matt's rendition of "By your Side" was spot on
  8. Kids Jamm last night was amazing
  9. It always fun to see kids learning about Jesus.
  10. Next week is the final week of iGod called iChange.
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