Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Band vs Production Team

I have read a lot lately about how production teams and bands do not get along. I find this even harder to believe in churches. YOU ARE ALL ON THE SAME TEAM! Now I know personalities are different and some musicians have egos, but there is a way to balance all of this to make worship be the best it can be every week. Here are a few suggestions

1. Get to know your worship leader(s). Take him to lunch, set up a meeting with him and just get to know him. Don't talk about the sound issues, don't talk about the production side at all if you can avoid it.

2. Ask questions about the equipment they are using. Get to know what each musician likes his sound to be.

3. Answer any questions the band members have for you

4. Teach your worship leader how the equipment in the production booth works.

5. Stay patient

6. Have the band and the production teams pray together.

These are just a few suggestions I have for working with band members I am no expert but so far these tips have worked for me.
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