Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunday Look back 7-19-09

1. The band was great once again Brien Duke, James Archer, Greg King, Jason Mcinnis and James Green made up the Band this week.

2. Unusual Sunday in the fact that Brien Duke, Trista Ross and myself were the only staff members there. Which meant we were in charge. That's kinda scary

3. Production was okay, nothing major went wrong it just seemed to be an off week.

4. Robotic Lights add a lot to the service. We are trying to get those fixed.

5. Paul Casola our guest speaker did a great job. Thank you again.

6. I have a lot of respect for Paul and everything he has been through. I am glad that Philip and David had a chance to help him through his tough times.

7. Paul was right about the worst 2 basketball player he has ever seen.

8. I am terrible on stage. Even when doing announcements. I really respect you guys who do it every week.

9. I will be gone next weekend! This will be my first Sunday off since last October. I am really excited. I am going with my wife on a anniversary weekend trip. We have been married 8 years and somehow she still loves me.
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