Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Production Blog: Choosing Volunteers

I work for a small church (growing) (100 ppl per Sunday Service) church that has a production heavy service. Not that the service is about production but it plays it's part for sure. Each Sunday I need 3 volunteers Sound Tech, Computer Tech and Lighting Tech plus myself. It is hard for me to be picky about who I let into the booth on Sunday morning. I will say this none of the volunteers in my booth have had any experience with the equipment before (save one who is leaving me this week to move on the greener pastures). They all do a great job every week! They do a great job because they want to do a great job! They want to see the service run distraction free and I love it! When I come across someone who is eager to learn to learn how to run a piece of equipment in the booth. I love people who want to make a difference they make the best volunteers. I have said this before "I would take some one who has never touched a lighting board before and is excited to do it over a professional who has no passion. Passion is the #1 thing I look for in people when they ask me about volunteering in my booth skill is second. Skills can be taught, passion is hard to develop. The third thing I look for is creativity. Some of the guys were joking around the other day and called me a slave driver in the booth and I admit I get a little intense on Sunday mornings but I want my volunteers to be creative. I want them to pick backgrounds and lighting scenes. I love the volunteers I have and I would not trade them for anything. God has blessed me with the right people for the job.
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