Thursday, July 2, 2009

How to add analytics to Your blog

Analytics is a way for you to measure the success of your site (blog ). You can not only see how many people visited your site but also where they came from, what browser and operating system they are using or what sire directed them to you as well as many other things. Analytics is a great tool for you to make informed decisions about your site. A few of my friend have ask me how to add Google Analytocs to thier Blogger Blog. It is really very simple.

1. First you sign up for an account with Google and go to the
Analytics page

2. Submit your domain name

3. You will receive a tracking code. A short snippett of HTML code. Copy all of it. Note do not use the Legacy tracking Urchin.

4. Go to your blogger dashboard

5. Find the blog you want to add the Analytics code to a click the settings button

6. Then go to the Layout Tab at the top

7. The click the Edit HTML tab

8. Go to the bottom of the HTML text box and find the peoce of code that says

9. Paste the code between it and your tag

10 Wait 24 hours and you will start enjoying the never ending possibilities of Google Analytics.

Please let me know if this was helpful or not.
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