Thursday, July 30, 2009

Production Blog: Pro Presenter Tips

I love Pro Presenter as a presentation software. We use a projector and two 52" LCD TVs in our service area so I also use the advanced module and a Matrox Triple Head To-Go. We have a fun set up that I can manipulate several different ways to give the service a little different look every week. If you are using Power Point to do you song and Message slides ( and of course if you can afford it). Here are my reasons why I choose ProPresenter over the competition.

  • It just works.
  • The code is clean and the interface is simple.
  • It gives you lots of options.
  • The production volunteers pick up on it really quick.
  • Options, Options, Options

I know this i snot a real in dept review (which I will do in a few weeks) but I was playing with our old presentation software the other day and I could not beleive how much better ProPresenter was. Now its not perfect and like anything else it has its quirks but I love it. Unfortunately it is only available for Macs and I know that is a big turn off for a lot of people. If you ever get a chance to demo ProPresenter Play with it for awhile and and I think most people would agree.
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