Monday, July 6, 2009

Sunday look back 7-5-09

1. We have a group of amazing volunteers. Thank you guys you have no idea what you mean to me and the rest of the staff at Discover Point.

2. This was the best 4th of July yet! We met a ton of people at the horse park!

3. Band did awesome as usual.

4. That was the best I have ever heard them do Amazing Grace (My chains are gone)

5. It was nice to See Philip on stage again.

6. God's Grace is Amazing

7. Production team had 2 of its members honored on Sunday for their service. Dave and Laurah will be leaving after this month and moving on to Arizona. I will miss them them a lot!

8. Blew the other 2 robotic light bulbs some how. I cannot wait to see all 3 robotics in action at the same time!

9. Really great weekend at Discover Point. Thank you to all who made it happen! Thank you God for letting it happen.
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