Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday look back 6-1-09

1. I love the music when Standby plays at our services. They are a great local band that is made up of members of the DP band. Its funny how 2 bands made up of basically the same members can sound so different. I love it!

2. Got to play with the new intelligent lights that we hung from the ceiling last week. The programming button on the new board was broken so I had to manually run them this week. Me and Anthony had a lot of fun!

3. Laurah and Dave were my Sound and Computer operators this week and they both did a fine job.

4. Jeff did great filling in for Philip, the pie illustration was good and I found my self laughing a little.

5. Speaking of Philip, His wife Angela gave birth to a healthy little girl over the weekend, thus why Philip did not preach this Sunday.

6. Isn't it funny how the mornings you fill most prepared are the days where the have the most issues to deal with and the mornings where you feel totally unprepared are the mornings that run the smoothest.

7. My computer operator made fun of me because I told her that I get nervous before every Service. I think nerves are a good thing. It keeps you sharp and it lets you know that you really care about what is about to happen.

8. If you missed the Standby Concert last night in Conyers (like me) I heard you missed a heck of a concert.

9. One Prayer begins next week! Our first video speaker will be Steven Furtick from Elevation Church in Charlotte. This is going to be a powerful 4 weeks. Don't miss it!

10. Can't wait for Play Groups to Start I am posting a schedule for all of the different groups later this week!
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