Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunday Look Back 6-7-09

1. Brien did an awesome job leading worship this week!

2. Really missed the Robotic lights this week. But they will be back next week!

3. Joe, my computer tech this week, did a fine job for his first full week on the computer.

4. I learn something new every time I touch the lighting board.

5. One Prayer is going to change many communities. Will we be open to God and let it change ours?

6. Was Andy Stanley not awesome?

7. Loved the story of the Rev. from central Georgia.

8. Steven Furtick is next week. He is my personal favorite.

9. Fill in the blank. In your life God is _______________
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Anonymous said...

nice! just wondering if there was a way i could get a video of andy preaching at FBC this past sunday? would love to see it!