Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Look back 6-28-09

1. David is amazing consistent as a worship leader with his lyrics. He I can over how he plans to sing the songs and sticks to it every week. It makes the computer techs job so easy and the worship experience so much better.

2. James Greene, who is our new talent on the key board. He has done a great job adding to the music each week he has played.

3. The band always impresses me. Even on a week where they came in cold they still did a good job.

4. Perry Noble is a trip and he know s how to connect with people on their level. If you ever make it to Anderson SC, Make sure to stop by New Spring and hear him speak live.

5. This was the last week of our video series next week Philip will speak on "God is Grace" I am sure he has a lot of pimped up preaching energy he is ready to let loose on you guys.

6. "How great is our God is still one of my favorite worship songs after all of these years.

7. We had a few minor production hiccups that we recovered from but that just means we still have work to do. The production team did a great jobs for me this week.

8. Lots of visitors. Great job to everyone out in the lobby being friendly and comforting. We are doing a great job on Sunday mornings. Keep it up!

9. Never be satisfied Never
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