Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Production Blog- Communication and Presentation

This is continued from last week's Production blog you can read it here

Sometimes I think we think that everyone knows what we know. That everyone thinks how we think. This could not be further from the truth.

Some people don't know the songs we sing. Some people don't know who we are singing to. Its is important that we spend the time during the worship service trying to connect people to God. If they don't know how, who is going to teach them. This can't be done over 1 week or 1 month or even a year. It is done by consistently communicating the "why" and the "who" of worship. Now I am not a worship leader (and I never will be) but over the past 2 months I have spend a lot of time studying worship leaders from all over via the internet. I have seen many styles but 1 thing that all of the good ones do is communicate. They have a planned clear message on stage. They don't ramble, they don't make it up as they go, they have a message and they know exactly what they want to say. They know exactly what they are trying to communicate. Communication in worship is vital to connecting people in worship. I also think it is important how worship leaders communicate. You get up on stage and start using "church words" that only people who have been in church for over 10 years can understand to communicate with people, then you have still not successfully communicated.

The last thing I want to write about here is Presentation. The other week we had a guest band (which was made up of members of our band) Standby (check them out at standbyband.com)and they did a version of old rugged cross that rocked! That is just as much worship to me as singing the hymn out of a hymnal. The plus side of the song was it rocked and it was so well done that it connected with not only Christ followers but with people who had never been to church before. Another thing about presentation to me is it has to be distraction free. If your production team and your worship leader are not in sync with each other it can turn people off. If your lighting guy goes nuts and decides to strobe multicolor light during a slow moment it can be disastrous. If your computer tech does not know the song well enough to follow along or if your worship leader ad libs too much it can be distracting.

Please understand me, I want to see people come to Christ. I think the way we present worship has a huge part in whether or not they feel connected at a church. Some people will not connect at your church and that's okay. The point is in all we do in our services we have to find a way to connect to people who have yet to develop a relationship with Jesus and yet not get away from worshiping our God. Please let me know what you think.
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