Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Top 10 Tuesday- A day Late

Below is my every Tuesday (sometimes Wed) list of my top 10 favorite things in a particular subject. Today my list consist of my top 10 favorite MAC only apps. I think Most of these are MAC only.

Smultron My Text editor of Choice

9. Rootkit Hunter- Find all of your Rootkits easily

8. Camio Browser- Great back-up browser for a MAC

7. App Cleaner- Easy way to remove an application from your MAC completely

6. Font Explorer X- Helps me find, view and test fonts.

App Fresh- I never download the updates when I open up a program. App Fresh checks for updates on all of my apps at once and allows me to down them on my time.

4. Name Mangler- Allows me to re-name all the files in a folder at once

3. Under Cover- Basically top notch security for your MAC. did a great article on it yesterday check it out here.

Hand Break- DVD/Video converter. Really great video converter for FREE!

POD to MAC- Easily move anyone's Ipod items to your Itunes.
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