Friday, June 12, 2009

Social Networking and the Church- How to Detemine Effectiveness

Last week I talked about how to track your Social Networking effectiveness. A few people I know ask me about Facebook Analytics and whole there is no great way to do this Mashable had a great article today on Socialtoo's new Facebook Analytics package. I have yet to test this yet but I will soon and let you know the result's. That said Effectiveness of your Social Campaign depends on a lot of things.

1. Who you trying to communicate with (People in your church, People outside your church, Both)

2. What you actual plan is. For example if you are trying to get people to an event that begins and ends on a
specific date then you will want to put as much information out on the web as possible so you can be seen by as many people as possible. If you are trying to build relationships with people then you will take your time.

3. Who are the people you are trying to communicate with. This sounds like #1 but once you decide what group you are trying to communicate with you have to decide who they are. Are they college age students, Middle aged families or hip 80 year olds. The demographic you are trying to reach will help you determine the effectiveness of you communication.

4. How often are you communicating?

These are all things you need to consider when desiding how effective your social networking is. Really these are things you should consider before you start a social networking strategy for your church. Considering all of these things (plus the many other variables that are unique to you) then use the tools
I laid out last week and then descided whether or not your social networking strategy is working. Next week I will talk about my personal strategy for when social networking is not working.
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